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May 28, 2021, by Jessica Crisp

Eating for Wellness: 4 Challenges in 4 Weeks

Tuesday, June 1 – Monday, June 28


4 Challenges in 4 Weeks is an employee wellness challenge that focuses on multiple aspects of nutrition that affect your health.  This challenge aims to help you incorporate small changes each week that can build on one another to help you create a healthier diet.


It’s easy!  Just follow the challenges each week and report the number of days you were successful by completing the form in Hospice Happenings on the Employee Intranet.  Each challenge will last one week and will start on Tuesday, June 1 and end on Monday, June 28.  The last week will be a culmination of the previous three weeks, combined, so try to maintain each activity as you move into the next weeks challenge. Each week, Human Resources will send an email with the following week’s challenge and a link to the Employee Intranet for you to log/report your number of successful days the previous week.


The 3 participants with the highest number of successful days in the challenge will receive a $50 spa gift certificate. If you miss a week or even just a few days, be sure to log your participation anyway!

Challenge 1: June 1 – 7

Small changes can make a difference.  Choose baked, grilled, or broiled.  Stay away from fried foods for one full week.

Challenge 2: June 8 – 14

See the difference in how you feel when you satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit! Instead of candy bars, cookies or cakes, eat two pieces of fruit every day for one full week.

Challenge 3: June 15 – 21

Have more energy and see the difference in your overall health when you increase your vegetable intake.  Choose colorful vegetables—yellow, orange, red, and green.  Enjoy a salad or vegetable medley for lunch or dinner every day for one full week.

Challenge 4: June 22 – 28

Combine all of the previous challenges for one full week—stay away from fried foods, eat two pieces of fruit each day, and enjoy a salad full of colorful veggies once per day.