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May PULSE Awards

May 10, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

At the All Staff Meeting on Tuesday, May 3, four team members received PULSE awards.  The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Chris Shelley, Anna Hurley, Becca Sullivan and Denise Batten!

Nominee: Chris Shelley, IPU RN (Location: High Point)

“Chris is the team leader on the weekends and has a great attitude doing her job. She’s so helpful not only with staff but with family members; also acts quickly to families with special needs/requests. Chris displays professionalism any time at work and is always willing to help during off shift to ensure the facility runs efficiently. My job is easier when she’s my co-worker.”

Nominee: Anna Hurley, Care Connection RN (Location: Randolph)

“I just met with the wife of William Jones, Frances Jones, that spoke of Anna’s professionalism and caring nature. The connection they have made during the services that were provided will be life long. Frances spoke so many thoughtful words of Anna. She said Anna is exactly what this time needs.”

Nominee: Becca Sullivan, On Call RN (Location: Randolph)

“Frances Jones, wife to William Jones, spoke so highly of the visit Becca made on call. She reported the comfort Becca’s presence brought to her during the visit and was so thankful for Becca’s response to them during the night. Frances said with the experience she had with the on call staff, she knew she would be making the right decision for hospice when it was time. Becca was very professional and caring.”

Nominee: Denise Batten, On Call Weeknight RN (Location: Randolph)

“Oh how thankful the Jones family was for Denise. In regards to the on-call visit made to address a situation, Frances reports that Denise got up in the bed with the patient and got the job done. After taking care of the patient, Denise took the time to sit and talk with Frances, his wife.  Frances reports how lonely she had been feeling and how that visit meant the world to her. She spoke highly of Denise’s caring nature and professionalism.”