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ACHC Trivia Challenge Week 10: The Top Ten!

November 6, 2020, by Kelly Olmeda

For the next few weeks we will focus on the TOP TEN SURVEY DEFICIENCIES and how Hospice of the Piedmont works to meet each of these standards. Together we will prove to ACHC how amazing we are!!

Common Deficiency: ACHC Standard: A medication profile is part of the patient-specific comprehensive assessment. A Registered Nurse (RN) creates and maintains a current medication profile and reviews all patient medications, both prescription and nonprescription, on an ongoing basis in collaboration with other interdisciplinary group (IDG) members.

Tips for compliance:

  1. Ensure all PRN medications identify an indicator as to when it should be administered.
  2. Ensure oxygen (02) is listed on the medication profile.
  3. Ensure the physician is notified of any medication discrepancies, side effects, problems, or reactions.
  4. Which action will help us prove compliance to the surveyor?  Document each medication review and its results in the medical record. A surveyor will not know that we have done all the right things if it’s not documented in the record.

    Common Deficiency: ACHC Standard: Hospice services are delivered in accordance with the written plan of care.
    Tips for compliance:
  5. Ensure documentation in the medical record supports that care was provided based on physician orders.
  6. Ensure the scope and frequency of services is provided in accordance with the plan of care.

Thanks for continuing to participate and please make any suggestions or ask any questions as we continue to learn!