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ACHC Trivia Challenge, Week 4: Patient Rights

October 2, 2020, by Kelly Olmeda

Week 4 Answers:

  1. Hospice of the Piedmont must provide the patient and/or family with verbal and written notice of the Patient Rights and Responsibilities:
    ANSWER: During the initial assessment visit prior to care or treatment being provided
  2. The patient and/or family have the right to:
    ANSWER: All of the above. Patients/Families have the right to choose their own attending physician, receive information about services covered by the Hospice Medicare Benefit, and participate in the development and revision of the plan of care.
  3. Which of these is NOT included in the statement of Patient Rights and Responsibilities?
    ANSWER: Right to receive care when traveling out of state. The Patient Rights and Responsibilities DOES include the right to recommend changes in policies, staff, care/services, to be able to identify hospice staff by an agency issued photo ID, and to be informed about any financial benefits when being referred to hospice.
  4. The Patient has the right to refuse care/treatment after being fully presented with the consequences.
    ANSWER: True
  5. Hospice of the Piedmont provides the Patient’s Bill of Rights to all patients/families at admission. It begins with “As a patient enrolled in a program offered by Hospice of the Piedmont or its affiliates, you have the right to:” then lists all of the Patient Rights and Responsibilities. What is the first Patient Right listed on that page?
    ANSWER: Be informed of your rights and responsibilities in a language and manner that you and/or your representative understands.

Thanks for playing along. Look for our next ACHC Trivia Challenge, Week 5: The Big Picture!