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ACHC Trivia Challenge Week 8: The IDG

October 30, 2020, by Kelly Olmeda


  1. The Hospice must designate an interdisciplinary group (IDG) which, in consultation with the ________, must prepare a written plan of care for each patient.
    Answer: Patient’s Attending Physician; While the Patient and their family are the drivers of their Plan of Care, the writing of the plan is executed by the IDG. When the Attending Physician is not one of our medical providers present at the IDG meeting, any changes to the POC are sent to the Attending Physician for review and approval.
  2. The Hospice must designate a ___________ that is a member of the IDG to provide coordination of care, to ensure continuous assessment of patient/family needs, and to implement the IDG Plan of Care.
    Answer: Registered Nurse; This is essentially the meaning of what it is to be a “Case Manager.”
  3. The IDG must include, but is not limited to, the following qualified professionals:
    Answer: MD, RN, SW, Chaplain or other counselor; We do include lots of other team members at our IDG meetings but these are the absolute minimum requirements.
  4. The IDG must review, revise, and document the Plan of Care as frequently as the patient’s needs require, but no less frequently than every ___ calendar days.
    Answer: 15 Days; This review is documented during the IDG meeting which is held every 14 days, so we are one day ahead of the requirement. This is why sometimes shifting IDG dates around for holidays is a bit daunting. We absolutely cannot go past the 15th day for the IDG review.
  5. Revisions made to the Plan of Care by the IDG must include information from the patient’s updated comprehensive assessment and must note the patient’s progress toward the outcomes and goals specified in the Plan of Care.
    Answer: True

Thanks for participating! Please make any suggestions for future challenges!