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ACHC Trivia Week 3: Personnel Requirements

September 25, 2020, by Kelly Olmeda

Week 3 Answers:

  1.  Personnel records are confidential. ANSWER: True
  2. For personnel in direct patient care the agency must obtain: ANSWER: D. All of the above; Criminal background checks, OIG exclusions list checks (if you’re on this list you’re not allowed to be paid from any federal health care program like Medicare), and national sex offender registry checks are required for all personnel who have direct patient contact and/or access to patient records.
  3. There are many required topics to be covered during the new staff orientation process. Some examples of required topics are: ANSWER: Hospice philosophy, confidentiality/HIPAA, cultural diversity, infection control, Bloodborne pathogens. Here is the list of all required orientation topics, and it’s a bunch: Review of the individual’s job description and duties performed and their role in the organization, Organizational chart, Hospice philosophy, Record keeping and reporting, Confidentiality and privacy of Protected Health Information, Patient rights, Advance Directives, Conflicts of interest, Written policies and procedures, Emergency Plan, Training specific to job requirements, Additional training for special populations, if applicable (e.g., pediatrics), Cultural diversity, Communication barriers, Ethical issues, Professional boundaries, Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement plan (QAPI), Compliance Program, Conveying of charges for care/service, OSHA requirements, safety and infection control, Orientation to equipment, if applicable as outlined in job description, Incident/variance reporting, Handling of patient complaints/grievances, Concepts of death and dying and bereavement, Support for psychosocial and spiritual issues, Pain and symptom management, Diseases and medical conditions common to hospice, Stress management
  4. Prior to patient contact, new direct care personnel are required to have: ANSWER: Proof of a TB skin or blood test and a risk assessment/symptom evaluation. If the employee does not have proof of a baseline TB test, the agency must perform the TB test. All direct care personnel must have access to the Hepatitis B vaccine, but have the right to decline the vaccine by doing so in writing within the first 10 days of employment. The agency highly recommends the Flu vaccine for all staff but at this time it is not a requirement for employment.
  5. Personnel evaluations must be completed, shared, reviewed, and signed by the Supervisor and Employee on an annual basis.

Thanks for playing along. Look for our next ACHC Trivia Challenge, Week 4: Patient Rights!