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August PULSE Awards

September 2, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Nicole Norris and Katen Love who received a PULSE Award at the All Staff Meeting on August 31!


Nominee: Nicole Norris, CNA, CHPNA, Administrative Assistant at the Randolph Hospice House (Location: Asheboro)

“Nicole has gone above and beyond to keep the staff from being overwhelmed with all the shortages we have had recently. She is always pitching in to help with whatever needs to be done, including laundry, phones, and bathing patients in order to help the staff with getting things done especially when working short-handed. She always has a great attitude and her heart has a passion for Hospice patients. We would not be able to to what we do here at the Randolph Hospice House without Nicole!! Thank you, Nicole, for all your hard work!”


Nominee: Katen Love, RN, Triage Nurse (Location: High Point)

“I love having Katen Love as the weekend triage nurse! She makes my job so much easier. I’m sure she makes many other coworkers jobs easier, too. As the IPU weekend Admin. Assistant, I receive many home care calls each day. I love having one “go to” person to assist the homecare patients. I can call or email Katen and she jumps right on it. Occasionally, there may be something she doesn’t handle, but she says, “I’ll get it to the right person.” I have one patient’s spouse that calls me every Saturday morning. This past Saturday she did not call me. Katen informed me that she finally called her! We laughed because we couldn’t believe it! She must be making a great impression on our patients. Katen has the best attitude no matter how busy she is. Thank you, Katen!”