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Caregiver: A Love Story – Screenings

April 13, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

A special message from CEO, Trent Cockerham:

As many of you know, over the last year our organization has been working diligently on an important caregiver initiative.  Although you’ve heard snippets during our Townhall meetings or other departmental meetings and discussions, some time has passed since we initially began this project.

In the time since we began the project, we’ve advanced some really great solutions – we initiated tuck-in calls performed by volunteers, we’ve discovered movie stars among us who helped us create easy how-to videos for caregivers and recently we’ve begun training volunteers to be able to perform some basic care tasks! These are just a few of the things that have been happening in the background even while our organization continued to chart a successful path forward through the COVID-related challenges of late 2021 and early 2022!

One of the things I’m always so inspired by is our team members’ ability to empower ordinary people to become truly exceptional caregivers.  While we know that’s what we do every day, I believe we can explore the needs of our caregivers and provide additional resources to them without adding additional work to our hospice care teams!  Over the past year, we’ve already begun to see and hear the impact these changes have made!  We can’t move this important work forward without a small commitment of your time and your thoughtful engagement in a brief group discussion.

For those of you who’ve already viewed Caregiver:  A Love Story, I invite you to watch it again if you’d like and for those new team members who haven’t had an opportunity to be a part of this important work – I extend my own personal invitation to you to come to a viewing and engage in thoughtful discussion while one of your fellow team members leads a thought-provoking discussion of the documentary and how we, as an organization, are rising to the challenge of understanding better and increasing the support we provide to caregivers!  The documentary itself is short – only about 30 minutes, but it is the inspiration for the work we’ve been doing in the background and has become the foundation of the work we’ll be rolling out to our community in the coming months.

We’ve partnered with the documentary film maker, Dr. Jessica Zitter, a palliative care doctor from Oakland, California in our continued work on this project.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be having four additional screenings.  There are several screening opportunities across both campuses from Wednesday, April 20 – Tuesday, April 26 with at least one after-hours option. Each viewing is capped at 15 attendees, but it is my hope that we will capture a variety of disciplines across each session. Additionally, volunteers will also be receiving this invitation as they will be a key component to this new important initiative. Lastly, each viewing session is slated for 1 hour, but it is unlikely the session will last the entire time. In High Point, the viewings will be in the downstairs Conference Room, and in Asheboro, viewings are being held in the Education Building.  Any team member is welcome to attend any viewing on either campus.

If you have questions or if none of these options work for your schedule, please email David Caughron – [email protected]. It is my hope that you will make every effort to attend one of these viewings.

To sign up, visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050B4EA5AB2EA4F58-caregiver1You will receive an email confirmation and a reminder email a couple of days prior to the session.

See you at the movies, as they say!