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Caregiver Advocates Resource Center

May 23, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

An Exciting Announcement

At the All Staff Meeting on May 3, we announced our new online resource for caregivers, the Caregiver Advocates Resource Center!  In case you missed it, please be sure to watch this 15-minute video.

The feedback and insights you provided during the Caregiver:  A Love Story documentary screenings combined with many thoughtful insights team members of all disciplines provided since last September has been invaluable and has truly helped further refine our organization’s caregiver support strategy.

From all your insights and conversations, you helped create a group of solutions called Caregiver Advocates.

The Caregiver Advocates Resource Center

One solution under this program is our new Caregiver Advocates Resource Center – an online platform for caregivers to receive education and encouragement. It is our hope that this tool will also become one of the ways our own care teams educate caregivers.


How to Access the Resource Center

We invite each of you to log in to the Resource Center and look around, watch some videos and review the available content. While on our campuses, you may not have to log in, but in case you do or if you access it off site, the instructions are below. These same instructions will be provided to families.

  1. Go to www.hospiceofthepiedmont.org or www.hospiceofrandolph.org.
  2. Scroll to the footer and look for a button to the left labeled Caregiver Login.
  3. If asked for login information, the username is care and the password is giver.

Next Steps

While our goal is to create a larger library of accessible content and share it with our entire community, currently we are only sharing this information with our current patients’ caregivers. Please do not post the Resource Center link or login information publicly.  For now, we want this information to remain exclusive for our families and caregivers. We will keep exploring how to expand these resources to hopefully include a wider circle of community caregivers in the future.



Please let any of the Caregiver Advocates workgroup members – Mary Leslie English, Susan Cox, David Caughron, Kat Gibson, Ryan Biagini, Jessica Crisp and Trent Cockerham – know if you have questions, thoughts, or comments. As always, we want to help our organization meet people where they are and connect them with the care they need, and we are excited to see how this tool makes helps us in that mission!