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Celebrating Our Nurses

May 19, 2020, by Laura Pearson

Our organization is fortunate to have phenomenal nurses that go above and beyond each day and provide compassionate care to those who need it the most. Let’s celebrate by hearing from a few of these team members.

“Not only am I able to teach and care for those that are facing the end of their life, but most often, they teach me how to live.” – Lannette, RN

“The final journey of life is most important to the patient and their loved ones. My desire is for every patient to travel that last journey with comfort, dignity, respect and peace and for those loved ones to be empowered to provide these. I desire for the loved ones to be supported during and after the patient has finished their journey.” – Frankie, RN

“I am honored to provide compassionate end-of-life care to our wonderful patients and their families that have chosen our great organization.” – Sonya, RN

“I fight what others fear and now, more than ever, I don’t look at my calling as something I have to do but as something I get to do.” – Themecia, RN