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Connecting is key

July 28, 2020, by Trent Cockerham

As we know, connection is everything in our line of work. We must connect with our patients and their families as well as our community through education and engagement. We must connect with each other to provide excellent care and keep the business of our organization running smoothly and efficiently. That is why I am excited about this new platform – the Employee Intranet – and the new opportunities we will have to connect with each other, events, updates and mission-driven messages of our organization. It is my hope that you will take a few minutes and explore the information here. It is also my hope that you will visit the Employee Intranet regularly whether to check out the Hospice Happenings or look up a co-worker in the Team Member Directory. As we continue to grow and move forward as an organization, I know what we will continue to do great things and make connections that are lasting.