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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Patients and Families often express their gratitude by sending thank-you notes, making donations in honor of specific staff members, and sharing positive comments on their customer service surveys. The work we do touches people’s lives in a way that leaves a lasting impression, and you deserve kudos for providing such amazing care every day.

Also, if you would like to give a special shout-out to a fellow team member, consider nominating them for a PULSE Award!

The following remarks are a true representation of the beautiful nature of this work and the reason we show up every single day. Thank you!

Hospice Notes and Donations

This donation is for all the help my dad received while under your care.  I would like to thank everyone that worked with my Dad through a period of about 3 years, especially Shelly (social worker) Maddie (nurse) Stephanie (nurse)  and Sheree  they made Dad feel so good with each visit.  All the girls definitely seemed interested in Dad’s well-being at all times and their foresight as to what to expect next was unbelievable.  They were truly all professional, very knowledgeable, and dependable.  The girls were also a ray of sunshine in my days during that time and I still miss their friendship and happiness they bestowed on us all in trying times.  I highly recommend Hospice to anyone that needs care assistance because you all are the best of the best in any health care business.  I cannot express enough gratitude for everything Hospice help us with and during one the worst time in my life while losing Dad.

Thanks to all Hospice Home, thank you for your compassionate care. She was our beloved mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. We want to especially thank Kellie. She was awesome and so special and attentive. Each nurse that came by was so caring. Once she came over to the house she was cared for with dignity and compassion. Thank you for serving our community and specially our family.

To the staff of Randolph County Hospice, in memory of Arlene for the wonderful care you gave her as well as the friendship you showed her. She was a wonderful sister, and a very caring person, and she thought so much of all of you. Thank you so much.

Dear Randolph Hospice Staff, words cannot express how grateful we are for the kindness, care, and compassion that you all shared with us while mom was there in September. You cared for her with such tenderness and also cared for us with compassion and wonderful kindness. We are so grateful. You made the most difficult time in our lives a little easier with your support and care.

From Roxanne Teague: I would just like to thank you all for the amazing job you do in homecare! I received a referral call from a family member today whose father is at FMC. Referrals were sent out to 2 other hospice agencies and after meeting with them, the son decided to call us because he is a pastor in the community and has heard and visited patients with our agency (Randolph and High Point) who have loved and had such compliments to say about our care and services. I know things are extremely tough right now, but I wanted you all to know what a difference you are making and our referrals directly reflect the love and care that you all are providing. It is such an honor to represent our agency and you should all be proud of the work we do to care for families and patients and know that you are making a HUGE impact. Thank you so much!

I received a call this morning from a family member who wanted to express his appreciation for all the care [she] received. He specifically named Tan Jenkins, who visited over the weekend, and Nancy Bindhammer who was making daily visits this week. He reported they did “such a great job” and were “professional and wonderful.” He was very thankful for the support he received in [her] short stay with us.

I wanted to let everyone know that I took a call this afternoon from [a patient’s] dtr-in-law who recounted that patient had spent some time at HHHP. She states that when they picked her up “it was like we picked up a different person”. She reports that she has been much better. Reports that she has an appetite again. Reports she has had to buy groceries a couple of times since she has been home. She also states that [patient] made a couple of pies over the weekend. She expressed appreciation for all the care that she has received from hospice and wanted to let us know that the medication changes have really helped.

Please accept this donation in memory of our brother. We want to thank you for the help and care you provided to him and his wife as well as the rest of his family through this most difficult of times. Our family will be forever grateful that you were there for them.

You were there for my mom and dad and brother, my husband’s family too! No words could express how wonderful you are to the ones who need you most. God bless you all.

We would like to take the time to give you a big thank you for all that you do in your everyday like there at Hospice House. It takes people with a special kind of heart to do what you do for your patients there, and we saw that firsthand when our loved one was there and passed away. He was a true blessing to his family, we will never understand why he went through all the trials that he did on this earth and left this world at such an early age but we are really thankful that you made his last days more comfortable. We know that he is in a better place for he was a true man of God and always said his God was great, that God is good. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do!

Hospice Comments from CAHPS Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Everyone at Hospice of Piedmont are Godsent, especially joy and faith, whom I know god sent them to help me through the hardest time in my life. Thank you to all who took care of my mom.

Ashley Hurley was wonderful with dad. Thank you! The extra care in grooming/bathing by hospice nurse was excellent. May you all have peace and love for all of your lives.

Hospice did a great job. We are really grateful for the help.

Excellent treatment by all. Never had a time when i couldn’t get answers.

Superior help in a time of need.

The caregivers were my and my mother’s angels.

The people who helped me provide care for my wife were of the highest quality. I thank all of the nurses, doctors, and especially, the bath care given. Everyone of these people were angels: kind, considerate, loving, tender, and friendly.

Hospice is a blessing with caring, compassionate employees. Your work does not go unnoticed. Much appreciation

Everyone was compassionate, patient, and respectful. Thank you to all.

We appreciated the honesty received from the staff, particularly the nurses. The hospice staff kept us well informed every step of the way. They are to be commended for that transparency.

I would highly recommend hospice care.

My son loved all the nurses and people who helped him. Thanks to everyone who participated in his care. All of them were great!

My dad was in hospice care for a very short period of time.  We were very pleased with the care he received and the kindness and compassion shown to our family.

Hat’s off to the whole staff that helped me with the passing of my father.

Very professional, efficient, and caring administrative staff and caregivers. Special thanks to: Celeste, Mackenzie, Tameshea, the chaplain, and the nurse who came just after pat passed and certified time of death.

Cannot express my gratitude enough. Each person was an incredible asset to me and provided kind, compassionate, professional care to my sister. All accomplished covid as a backdrop. So impressed with each member of the team addressed the goals that were set. The nurse who assessed my sister asked for my goals. She communicated these to the doctor on the phone. The doctor listed them out with a plan to meet them the first time I met her. Each time a staff member came into the room, they address those 3 goals. That is amazing teamwork. This experience gives me hope for our future.

Members of my mother’s care team were always patient and answered every question as clearly as possible. Members of mom’s care team were everything I hoped for her care and more. They were kind, loving, gentle, and full of knowledge.

The staff was so very nice and kind. It was a blessing to have had my sister in your care.

You made a difficult time easier. I will be forever grateful.

Hospice has the best nurses and CNA. They were wonderful to us in our time of need.

Excellent staff and facility.

We called on a Saturday and asked that the chaplain call. We wanted to arrange for a priest to give last rites. Within hours, a priest called and arranged to come over. We were so grateful!

Every single team member was wonderful!  Brandy, Celeste, Mackenzie, Patra, just to name a few.  Caring, thoughtful, helpful.  I am so thankful for them!

RN’s Kim Bennett, Kelly Boseman and Tom for their care.

The hospice team did a good job to help my mother. I appreciate everything the hospice team did, as well as the nursing home staff.

Everyone was kind, caring, and professional.

The team was so caring and compassionate toward the patients and family.

Stephanie, nurse, was a caring person and helped me very much. Also bath person

I had [illegible word] caring for both parents for an extended [illegible word] time and was physically, emotionally, spiritually fragile. When hospice stepped in, I was better able to be the daughter rather than the clinician.

Aide, Paige, who always put a smile on his face. He always look forward for her visits.

The staff was wonderful, caring, supportive, and compassionate.  The facility was very nice and comfortable.

Thank the staff for their compassion and care for our family member and for how well they coordinated care with the assisted living facility. We also appreciate the compassion and support for our family while our family member was receiving hospice care and after his passing.

All nurses and CNA’s were extremely professional and very kind. I was very grateful to have them all this time!

Michelle Rogers, RN; Paige, CNA; and Rayfield, caseworker, were the best. We could not have had a better team. Michelle and Paige contacted each other for optimum care.

Please thank Michele Rogers and Paige for their care and respect.

Extremely grateful for the care and compassion shown and given to our loved one. The staff was so kind and caring to our family, wonderful: from doctors and nurses, chaplain and even the daily maintenance employees.

Extremely grateful for the care and compassion shown and given to our loved one. The staff was so kind and caring to our family, wonderful: from doctors and nurses, chaplain and even the daily maintenance employees.

The best people in the world.

Hospice team members were the best. So thankful that hospice is available. Thank you for all.

The male nurse on duty (Rodney?). He was especially attentive to my brother’s needs and compassionate and kind to me.

Everyone we worked with was amazing. His doctor, nurse, and social worker were extremely supportive. Every detail was thoroughly explained and their directions were easy to follow. Anytime we had to call for help, someone was quick to respond.

We had hospice 3 times. Each time we thought he was dying, thanks for their care, changing medicine. He was so confused when they came two times but being so diligent with his medicine he knew what was going on until the last 2 days. They were our angels.

Mother’s time with hospice, most time was at alpine.  The only contact i had was with social worker and chaplain.  When they visited my mother they called and let me know how she was doing compared to the last visit, and how they thought things were going.  Social worker and chaplain, “10” on the scale.

Maddie, the nurse taking care of my wife, was excellent.  My wife liked her from the beginning and throughout her care.  This hospice’s team were supportive and caring, respectful.  I can’t thank them enough.  God bless them.

I thank everyone that helped me and my mother. The nurses were as helpful as they could be.

Mom got the most care from hospice. She seemed to be happy when they came. She had a love for all of the hospice people. Mom’s religious and spiritual beliefs at that time she loved when he would sing to her. Sometimes, she would try to sing to him. He called me sometimes to tell me how sweet a lady she was.

I thank the cook for making a wonderful breakfast for us during our vigil.

Stephanie was an angel to us.

Good job by all. Nancy C. Was most compassionate and engaging! A real jewel.

Spectacular and loving care!

The doctor and nurses did a good job with my mother.

My wife’s nurse was very caring and helping me to understand how to help my wife. She called or came by everyday and always made sure we had what we needed. I could not ask for a better person (nurse) to take care of my wife and our family.

Hospice House made end-of-life best possible end for my spouse. So very peaceful for him and i was thankful for their care.

Everyone treated grandmother and myself with the most compassion and respect.  Everyone that entered her room from the nurses.  Aides, doctor, and chaplains made her experience better.  We are blessed to have a peaceful and loving transition for my sweet memaw there.

All of the nurses were very thorough and caring. The chaplain (craig) we (sic) above and beyond to give mom comfort and support.

The staff was very kind, caring, and attentive.

I would like to thank everyone. They all were better than good. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

She was wonderful!

Hospice is a wonderful organization.  I love you all; am so glad to have had you in my corner with my husband, then grandmother.  I could not have done it without your help.

All positive regarding care, in-home and respite.

Personal nurse, Marie Trogdon, was great with my spouse. He enjoyed seeing her at each visit. He got along with her very well. She became a friend.

The people at hospice of the piedmont were the most compassionate, gentle, caring group of people me and my family have ever met.  They were angels at the most difficult time of our lives.  We are very thankful for hospice, especially this one.

Please thank Jennifer, Cindy, Paige, Amanda, and Katie for their care to dad and to me and my family.

We appreciate all the assistance we received. We especially appreciate kid’s path as our 5-year deals with the loss of his papaw.

I was told by the nurses my brother’s life was slipping away.  A doctor was present also.  They were preparing to send him to a hospice in adjoining city, so went home.  We went to hospice the next day and my brother had arrived at hospice after dark and my brother was not conscious, was taking very short and not effective breaths.  He was not aware we were present.  The nurse called me the next morning and told me he had passed away.  The staff that was with him was very nice and had him very clean and comfortable.  I had made arrangements with a funeral home and they took over.

The hospice team helped my mother and her family in every way we could hope for.  They were wonderful.

Hospice provided the most caring environment while my aunt was passing. The caregivers are respectful, informative, and knowledgeable about the death experience. I am so grateful.

All of my family members’ care team was excellent.  Nurse Frankie Hart went above her duties and was exceptional in care and support.

Physician, nurses, social worker, and chaplain all provide excellent care.

Thanks to the High Point, NC, hospice.  They immediately saw that he needed to be moved to hospice care.  We are very grateful for their quick action.

They responded on very short notice to come at 8:30 a.m. instead of our scheduled 4:30 p.m. appointment.

The whole staff was amazing and treated us and our mother with respect and love. We are grateful for them all.

Care Connection Customer Service Surveys

They adjusted the medicine and that really helped.

Tracy was the best nurse. Kelly is an excellent social worker.

They stay on top of quantity of meds and any others that might be helpful.

Anna keeps me well informed of concerns she has with Dad.

Recently had visit by Care Connection nurse in late evening. Saved trip to hospital.

Thoughtful and efficient.

Had to call for a nurse on a Saturday. She came promptly and was very helpful and caring. Called the Dr. immediately and received more pain meds.

Always receive prompt call back.

Every team member went above and beyond in communicating to all parties as some parties were deaf and relied on children.

Nurses and social worker are very helpful.

Received 2 notebooks full of helpful information for our immediate needs and what to expect for the future.

I am so much better.

Team members were very patient, caring with compassion. Well informed with all of my questions.

We couldn’t have made it without them. They were concerned about the other people in the house as well as the patient. They got back to us quicker than everyone else, and I would go to them with any questions.

Having a regular palliative RN visit is so comforting. Great to know we will see her every 2 weeks.

Quick to respond. Always helpful.

The nurses always take their time and are very thorough.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the care our nurse Tracie Doner has provided.

Very good to follow up.

She was very knowledgeable and helpful.

We did not talk to the social worker that much but when we did, she was very helpful. She gave me all the answers I needed and more.

We really did like the team we had with you all.

Very beneficial, especially to low-income patients.

Care connection is a wonderful service. I am so glad we have it.

This has given us a valuable resource – physical assistance, medical help, equipment, 24 hr. access to help, peace of mind!!

Having the team help me through a lot special at the end. Thank you.

Thank you all for a job well done!