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September-October 2021


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Patients and Families often express their gratitude by sending thank-you notes, making donations in honor of specific staff members, and sharing positive comments on their CAHPS Survey. The work we do touches people’s lives in a way that leaves a lasting impression, and you deserve kudos for providing such amazing care every day.

Also, if you would like to give a special shout-out to a fellow team member, consider nominating them for a PULSE Award!

The following remarks are a true representation of the beautiful nature of this work and the reason we show up every single day. Thank you!

Notes from Families:

Thank you for caring for my mother. Many praises and love you gave our family was appreciated. The journey is complete, we are blessed for 94 years. She was a saint to so many people. We look forward to hearing the stories from her friends. May God bless you.

Thank you for your support during our loss, and we appreciate your care for our mother during her last days.

Please accept this donation…you came into our lives at the moment when we needed care, kindness and compassion in our time of need. Thank you for all you do for those needing your help.

I wanted to thank you all for helping me. I don’t know what I would do without you all. God bless you all. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you all for the good care and kindness you gave. Thank you for the beautiful blanket you put on [her] bed each morning. I will treasure it.

We love and thank you. From “The Friday Bunch”

I want to thank you and all your staff for being such wonderful and caring people. You helped me so much even if it was only for 1 day. I am at peace within knowing that my daddy is at home in Heaven and not in any more pain. Thanks again. May God bless each one of you and your families.

To all the staff that helps: The family wants to express our thanks for all your care and love you gave to Dad. You ALL are awesome at what you do.

Thank you so much for all your kindness and care that you give your patients and their families when they most need it.

Home Home Staff: There are not enough words to say how much we appreciate all who helped in the care of Daddy. They were kind and caring. Anything we needed they took care of it very quickly and efficiently.

Thank you Kaylee, Frankie, Sharon, Amanda CNA, Amanda RN and all the others that we can’t recall but were there. Y’all are the best! Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Thank you so much for the great care you gave our mother. We would also like to thank you for the compassion you showed us during the loss of our mother. God bless you all!

Thank you for your brief care of my wife.

To the staff at RHH: Thank you so much for your care, allowing [her] to pass peacefully to be with God. We appreciate your honest approach with us who had no clue of what to expect. We have asked that memorials be sent to you.

To the RHH Staff: Our family is truly grateful for the comfort, peace, and rest you gave our father, which we could not accomplish at his home. All the staff were kind and gentle providing excellent loving care to him and lining support to our family. Dr. Murkin’s visits were comforting and reassuring that Daddy was choosing his own path whether fast or slow – it was Daddy’s choice. This helped us to understand and accept what was happening. You all were amazing. We are so thankful each of you were a part of our father’s care. We pray God will richly bless each of you every day of your life.

Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for your organization. Without you I wouldn’t of been able to keep [him] at home with me. Big thanks to all nurses who were wonderful coming out at a moment’s notice and making [his] transition easy and comfortable. Much gratitude.

Thank you all for your loving care of my sister. We do appreciate all you did during her last months. Special thanks for the dear nurses that visited and kept her comfortable.

September-October CAHPS Survey Comments:

My mom’s nurse was wonderful. She and mom developed a wonderful relationship. The doctor was great, very personable, and professional. She did everything she could to help my mom. As the caregiver, I felt very comfortable with the care and respect which all the family, especially mom, received. Respect, kindness, and caregiving was wonderful and made mom’s last days more bearable.

They showed him respect and patience. He fell in love with Brandi. She made him feel cared for. Stephanie was the best nurse we could ask for. She guided us through the process with knowledge, patience, and a caring heart.

I was very please[sic] with this hospice. They also help me with grief counseling. Thank you all for caring for [him] and myself.

Stephanie Hiatt made my mom’s passing such a blessing. She is an angel sent from God. Thank all your team members for being so loving and kind.

Joann was so wonderful with dad and my mother and me during orientation/admission and Celeste was just awesome. Thank you all for the great work you do!

I thank Loretta and Marie for their time and efforts they spent with mike. They were real good to work with and they knew what they were doing.  Also, thanks to Shelley Kirby. She was always making herself available for my questions and always called me back asap and helping.

Excellent experience!

When my time comes, I would like the same care my wife got from hospice care!

All nurses were great and helped ease my anxiety.

The team was excellent.

I would like to thank you for all the care you gave to my husband.

They were truly the best of the best with our situation. I would like to thank each and every person that was involved in the care and death of my father. Very compassionate and allowed my father to die with the dignity that he so deserved. I would not change a single thing.

Outstanding support from nurses, especially Jackie.

The nurse and team very kind and informative of all situations. The care was exceptional. The hospice facility clean. My husband was cleaned, shaved and made comfortable. Excellent care.

All of the hospice caregivers were very caring and understood all of our needs. Very thankful to have them to call on in our times of distress.

Each and everyone was great and caring.

Thank you to everyone who helped us

The entire team was supportive and professional. Our regular nurse, Stephanie Hiatt was exceptionally kind, caring, and competent.

Keep up the good work. Staff was excellent.

Ashley, Jordan, Joey, and all the nurses at hospice house. Everyone was great and helped me and [him] through a traumatic time.

Nurse assistant noel was tremendous. You could see how much she cared.

The care my son received was helpful and he enjoyed their cheerful, uplifting visits.

Thank all of [her] team members. They were great with her and treated her with respect.

I was very impressed with the care, respect, and how thorough they were in caring for harry. Very compassionate nurses, aides, cna’s, etc.

Stephanie was my husband’s nurse and I can never thank her enough for the wonderful care she gave him and for the help and comfort she gave to us, his family. She prepared us well to know when the end was near.

I can’t imagine going through this without the excellent, perfect level 4 care from hospice. I am indebted to my tam. I am grateful that my husband was peaceful and at home because of you.

Our family is very pleased with all the help and time spent with my mom.

I thank Maddie, his nurse; and Sherree, his c.n.a. could not have had a better team.

[His] care was caring and compassionate.

I thank you all for the care my daughter and everything. I think God send you to us.

Our hospice nurse that visited my sister were so kind and caring. They stated with us and answered questions we had. My sister was taken care of very well.

I was totally impressed with everyone that cared for my dad from the girl that bathed, oiled, and changed him regularly, through the few nursers, to the chaplain and even the social worker that gave us both so much emotional help and understanding. These unbelievable caregivers helped in any way possible. They supported my dad’s needs, physically and mentally. Remarkable people.

They were all great little angels; a blessing.

Cna’s were so caring and professional. Always prompt. Rachel, RN, was amazing with her genuine caring, knowledge, and always taking time to discuss the care and changes. Charlie, the chaplain, was so kind and supportive, always taking time to listen, giving guidance and beautiful prayers to me and my family. I am truly grateful for the entire team that cared for mother.

Everyone that came to help mom were the best; helpful, nice, caring, supportive people. Hospice is the best!

Great job. Very impressed.

Mom’s hospice nurse, holly. She was great with mom and family, very thankful. The chaplain was great also.

Everyone nice!

Both of my parents passed away at this hospice location. There is nothing the staff, nurses, or doctors could have done better. My family was comforted knowing how well, not only our loved one who was sick, but us as well, would be taken care of. They were patient, kind, and knowledgeable.

Mama received excellent care. The staff was extremely supportive in every way.

All those caring for my sister were kind, knowledgeable, and informative. Always willing to communicate her condition and care. They handled her in a loving way.

The entire team assigned to my brother’s care did an excellent job.

Thank you all for a job well done!