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June – August 2022


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Patients and Families often express their gratitude by sending thank-you notes, making donations in honor of specific staff members, and sharing positive comments on their customer service surveys. The work we do touches people’s lives in a way that leaves a lasting impression, and you deserve kudos for providing such amazing care every day.

Also, if you would like to give a special shout-out to a fellow team member, consider nominating them for a PULSE Award!

The following remarks are a true representation of the beautiful nature of this work and the reason we show up every single day. Thank you!

The team was excellent. The nurses, wonderful, caring, professional, patient, and pleasant.

You gave dignity to the dying. We knew what to expect with the caregiver’s guidance, and everyone in our family experienced a death which was very peaceful. We can’t thank the caregivers enough for their methodical, angelic ways with my husband and with all of us that witnessed his end-of-life. If it could be beautiful, then it was. I had several counseling sessions with Marsha and as with everyone else, she was so supportive and compassionate each time i went. Everyone touched our hearts and we felt they were angels sent from God.

Everyone was very nice, interested, smart, etc. The place was great.

We cannot express the level of gratitude we have for the care my sister received at the hospice house. The support, care, and comfort was just outstanding. We are so grateful.

They were nice. Very considerate of brother and myself. I would like to say thank you to all of the staff.

The kidspath counselor was always available for advice on how to discuss death with them. She provided age appropriate book for me to use. She began seeing him at his school and in her office. Shelley Kirby is so caring and compassionate. She went above and beyond.

I assume Hospice of the Piedmont is associated with Hospice of Randolph, because we always contacted Hospice of Randolph when we needed anything. I cannot express the gratitude my family has for hospice. Everyone we met and spoke to were always kind and efficient. My family has no complaints about care mother received.

Everybody helped us in every way with love.

Thank you all so much for helping me with my mother.

They were top notch. I can’t think of anything that could have been done better. Thank you. We had a great experience with hospice.

They were always there for us when we needed them. They also kept us informed as to when they would arrive and what they were going to do.

Everyone on the staff could not have been nicer. The attention she received allowed her to leave this world with dignity, grace, and peace. It takes incredible people to do the work you do.

Everyone at Randolph is very much appreciated and remembered for providing our beloved brother with so much love and attention while in their care.

I could not have asked for a more caring and knowledgeable group of caregivers! Very difficult time, you guys made it bearable! I thank this hospice for the good you do! I thank every person who came and gave care to my mom.

All of your team members were amazing: kind, caring, honest, and professional at all times. Our team nurse, Lenora Sparks, was wonderful in her interactions with my father and the rest of us. Hospice volunteer David Ward was a tremendous help and great fit. My father really enjoyed seeing David. Your team was wonderful at helping us to navigate family dynamics that became difficult. Overall, we could not have had a better experience and we will be forever grateful to you.

They were all very nice and attentive to my husband. I appreciate each one.

Anita Coody [sp?], np was the absolute best. She was always there when i needed her. Both Paige Potts and Charlie Patrick were outstanding. Paige was his nurse and Charlie was his chaplain. They both showed great care for my husband and me.

My brother was transferred from acute care to this hospice. The staff at piedmont was wonderful and so caring. Joy, rn, was sensational. There were others equally compassionate, but Joy stands out. Thank you!

Dr. Maike [sp?] N. Copeland was especially helpful in the sequence of events. Considerate and informative. Dr. Maike Copeland was most helpful with compassionate and appropriate visits.

I was extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of care. My mother was in excellent hands.

Everyone was so nice and the serenity and calm environment was wonderful. My mom was bathed each day with a new gown and fresh cut flowers in her room. Amazing facility! The crocheted blanket was so special also!

All the staff and workers were very nice and helpful.

Grateful for being in your care. My husband passed away peacefully and calm in his sleep. So glad the doctor recommend treatment.

Everyone, all nurses, doctors, cna’s, pastor, social worker were all wonderful. Thank you for taking her to hospice house so in her last days we had great quality time with her. They took amazing care of mother.

Mary Rose, dad’s afternoon nurse, and one of the most compassionate nurses I’ve ever met. She is an angel. Frances worked side by side with Mary Rose and was also kind and responsive. She was excellent in explaining dad’s care. Dell (sp?) Was dad’s a.m. nurse and was almost magical. She could tell us exactly what was and would happen.

After my brother passed away, the nurse stayed with me until she knew that I was ok. I thank her.

Caring, compassionate and easy to talk with.

Carmen helped me the most.

The nurse, Lenora Sparks, did an excellent job.

Just wish all medical care was as good, compassionate, and caring as hospice.

They coordinated well with each other; always advised us when they (she) would next visit.

The whole hospice family was very kind to our family in our time of need. My grandfather and I would like to extend a special thank you to Rachel and Charlie for their kindness.

Everyone was very helpful. Carmen was very respectful and caring the day mom passed.

I couldn’t have asked for more caring, loving help for my beautiful Linda. Nurse Joy was great! The doctor was very caring and accessible!

Our mother was treated by all staff members wonderfully. We believe she was attended to by angels.

Maddie McNeil, Rachel Sellers.

A special thank you to Jordan.

All were great in our time of need.

My daughter reported to me that your facility was clean and beautiful.

Your agency’s team’s service is very good. All of you have love, help, and sympathize with us.

Everyone that helped take care of my mother was very kind and caring.

I am RN, worked as hospice volunteer. At no time did the hospice staff talk down to me (not condescending), neither did they assume I knew all the answers. The entire staff were warm,

The staff was absolutely wonderful. They are simply angels!

My husband had skilled nurses at our home and received amazing treatment at the hospice home. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have never seen a better staff. Now, I am receiving therapy from your amazing grief counselor.

They were so much help to me. They showed me the right kind of bandages to use on his open wounds. Someone made an extra trip to see that I had what I needed. They never pushed me to make decisions. They let me decide when to stop his regular meds. They let me know when it was time to increase the meds to make him more comfortable but the family was always in control. They were super wonderful.

You showed great concern.

Extremely happy with their knowledge, compassion, and professionalism. Her nurses were kellie and tan, and her nurse assistant was Miranda. They were awesome. Also, Macey came out the night my mother passed away. She was wonderful!

His regular care nurse was very good with him.

Thank especially Rachel , nurse that helped take care of my husband. The staff workers at hospice house would definitely receive an a+ from me and my family.

We were told what to expect and shown how to give the medicine. We always moved away from mike to talk and discuss his condition. His medication was constantly changed to make sure he was comfortable. The nurse made the situation as bearable as possible for us. She was wonderful.

“Kudos” comments:
My brother-in-law recently passed away. He was a wonderful and kind person in my life and I’ll miss him greatly. In honor of his memory, I hope you will accept my donation to help others in your care. My sister was so appreciative of your call. Thank you.

Thank you for your care towards my dad. He will be missed.

Thank you all for the sweet and awesome care you gave our granny. She is missed so much.

Everyone who cared for my mother was wonderful. Every single person I interacted with was the
“best of the best”.

Thanks for everything you have done for us during this strenuous time. Knowing you care means a lot to me. We will be able to buy a lot of what we need to replace, such as linens, towels, curtains, etc.

You are special people to do so much. I love all you y’all. Thanks for everything.

PCG stated she could not thank us enough for the love and support shown to her mother and family members. PCG stated that her mother was only on service for few days but they would always remember the love and care that was provided. Thank you to all of my wonderful team members that helped med care for this patient and her family. Sonya, RNCM.

I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with the patient’s oldest son today. He is a pastor, and he lives in Virginia. He shared with several of us how he has visited multiple hospices and nursing homes throughout his career, but none had the caliber of compassionate staff like our hospice home!!! He specifically mentioned the “compassion, respect, dignity, and professionalism” of all the staff who were caring for his father. He also mentioned how clean our facility was and that it smelled clean too. I cannot put into words how profound and touching his comments were. You are unbelievable!!! It is an honor to work with each of you and thank you. Thank you for all you do and the way you do it with the highest degree of compassion, respect, dignity and professionalism.

Thank you all for a job well done!