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The E-Series: A Caregiver’s Story

In this episode, we’re excited to continue the caregiving dialogue with a candid conversation between Cher Bergt, a volunteer with Hospice of the Piedmont and the facilitator for our hospice Caregiver Support Group, and two previous support group participants, Jeff and Pub.  Jeff and Pub began a 3-year caregiving journey with Jeff’s father shortly after the death of Jeff’s mother in 2018.  Together with Cher, Jeff and Pub reflect on their caregiving experience and offer practical advice for current caregivers related to the benefits of vulnerability, self-awareness, and self-care.

May 20, 2022

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The E-Series is an educational webinar and podcast series aimed at engaging our community, exploring relevant topics and educating about ways to connect with our organization. Funding for The E-Series is provided by the John A. Lusk Fund for Hospice and Palliative Care Education. To listen to previously recorded episodes of The E-Series, click here.