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Interprofessional Practice Council Application

September 30, 2022, by Kelly Olmeda

Ever wonder who is making all these rules we have to follow? Who is creating those policies we adhere to? Ever thought of an idea that would improve workflow or reduce waste?

Consider joining the HOP Interprofessional Practice Council!

The Interprofessional Practice Council (IPC) will be composed of nine (9) representatives from various departments and disciplines within the organization. The IPC is responsible for defining, approving, implementing, and maintaining standards of practice in which excellence and optimal processes are promoted through shared governance. The IPC will work to ensure all practice decisions are consistent with evidence-based professional standards and our organizational mission and values.

Applications must be completed by 10/15/2022

IPC Application Requirements:

  • May not be in any leadership role (Team Leader, Manager, Director, VP, etc.)

  • At least one year of employment with HOP is preferred and will receive higher scoring in the selection process.

  • Cannot have an active performance notice.

  • Must be willing to commit to one year of service on the IPC.

Submit your application today!

Interprofessional Practice Council (IPC) Application