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June PULSE Award Recipients

June 30, 2021, by Jessica Crisp

At the All Staff Meeting on Wednesday, June 30, three team members received a PULSE Award.  The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Daisy Hurtado, Michele Holland and Cheryl Hayworth!  Below are the sentiments shared with the nominations.


Nominee: Daisy Hurtado, LPN Care Coordinator (Randolph)

“I nominate Daisy Hurtado for a hospice pulse award. Recently, Daisy and I were heavily involved with a patient and family that spoke only Spanish. The situation was already incredibly difficult for both the patient and his family as his condition was rapidly deteriorating and his death quickly approaching. The patient and wife required extensive education, reassurance, and emotional support in addition to having to face a language barrier. Daisy volunteered her time and talents to interpret HOR’s services, philosophy and care plan options. Not only did she discuss all of these matters, but she also helped to coordinate the patient’s care posthumously as the family desired his body be returned to his native Nicaragua for burial. Daisy had also recently experienced the loss of her father, which no doubt made her work with this family both more meaningful and difficult. She demonstrated exemplary customer service skills and compassion while providing the patient and family with honest explanations of the patient’s condition and prognosis. Daisy helped a very vulnerable patient and family succeed in experiencing the most peaceful, comfortable and dignified death possible. I am truly grateful for her contribution to this agency!!!!”


Nominee: Michele Holland, IPU Team Leader (Randolph)

“Michele has such a sweet, generous, and kind soul! She is willing to jump in and help wherever needed. She takes on any task and crushes it. She is willing to fill in shift gaps whenever necessary, even if that means working nights all week. Michele has been a great asset to RHH!”


Nominee: Cheryl Hayworth, Nurse Liaison (High Point)

“Cheryl has consistently gone above and beyond to get people signed up for the hospice services they need, as well as to make sure that an admission visit isn’t complete until the patient and family have everything that they could reasonably need for maximal comfort. She has stayed at homes for hours while waiting for patients to be discharged from the hospital so that she could be there when they arrived. She gets to know patients and families very quickly so that she can understand their needs while never letting them feel rushed. She communicates clearly with all the different disciplines and team members to facilitate efficient and thorough care.”