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Let’s Celebrate Our Nurses!

May 6, 2022, by Jessica Crisp


National Nurses Week was first commemorated in 1954, the 100th anniversary of landmark strides made in the nursing field during the Crimean War.  An overflow of injured soldiers met with unsanitary conditions led to an extremely high death rate (40%) at the military hospital.

Florence Nightingale compiled a group of nurses to provide medical support, nutrition and sanitation practices which led to a dramatic decrease of 38% in the death rate, down to 2%.  The procedures Nightingale put in place have had a lasting impact on hospitals, making them cleaner and safer places. You can read more about this here.

National Nursing Week ends on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12.

A Reason to Celebrate 

At Hospice of the Piedmont and Hospice of Randolph, we are honored to have a phenomenal team of nurses that provide the best possible care for those receiving our services, no matter the circumstances. Please join us in thanking these team members by reaching out to them personally with a text, email or phone call!