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Live Well, Work Well – May Newsletter (Week 3)

May 16, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

Mental Health Awareness is observed every year in May, with the overall objective of raising awareness and destigmatizing mental health issues.  Mental health refers to our emotional and social well-being and impacts how we think, feel, and behave. It plays a role in connecting with others, making decisions, handling stress, and many other aspects of daily life. Mental health is an important component of overall health, and it deserves your attention just as much as your physical health does.

Our Wellness Newsletter this week focuses on overcoming Depression. Click here or on the image below to read this edition.



Additional resources regarding depression can also be found hereVITAL WorkLife provides a comprehensive set of well-being resources designed to help you overcome life’s challenges. All of their confidential resources are free to you and your family members. Information on how to access the VITAL WorkLife website and resources can be found on the Human Resources page on the Employee Intranet.


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