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May PULSE Award Recipients

May 27, 2021, by Jessica Crisp

At the All Staff Meeting on Wednesday, May 26, two team members received a PULSE Award.  The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Loretta Snow and Rodney Brewington! Below are the sentiments shared with the nominations.

Nominee: Loretta Snow, Hospice Aide (Randolph)

“One of our patients called and wanted to brag on her aide. She used words like ‘cheerful, sweetest and careful’ to describe her. She also was bragging on her memory for detail. She feels her aide is fabulous and very deserving of recognition for all she does for her. She would not make it in life without her hospice staff that cares for her… especially Loretta.”

Nominee: Rodney Brewington, IPU RN (High Point)

“I would like to nominate Rodney Brewington, evening shift RN at HHHP. Rodney always goes the extra mile to help someone who may be overwhelmed with their assignment, like checking orders, putting orders in. He’s also an excellent resource of information on how to get something done. Even when he is busy with his own assignment, he will offer the time to help you out. He is not going to leave you in a mess at the end of the shift. Rodney also embodies what hospice is: kindness, caring, compassion. He offers presence at times, when that is what is needed. Rodney is an asset to HHHP patients as well as the staff. He gives a positive vibe that infuses those he comes into contact with.”