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October PULSE Awards

October 5, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Jennifer Hogan and Noelia Cuevas who received a PULSE Award at the All Staff Meeting on October 5!


Nominee: Jennifer Hogan, IPU RN (Location: Asheboro)

“Jennifer is an exceptional nurse who goes above and beyond to help patients, staff, and hospice as a whole. She is calm, intelligent, helpful, and compassionate. She is very deserving of a PULSE award!”


Nominee: Noelia Cuevas, IPU Hospice Aide (Location: High Point)

“Noelia goes above and beyond for her patients, and I have never once seen her ‘cut a corner’ when it comes to providing compassionate & outstanding care. She works closely with her nurse during her shift to optimize the best plan of care for the day. She has mentioned multiple times how much she loves what she does, and it truly shows! Her patients & their family members adore her. The work she puts in to make sure her patients are clean, comfortable, and safe – is admirable. Noelia is a tremendous asset to our team, and we do not know what we would do without her!”