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PULSE Award Winner

August 5, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Christie Hawkins who received a PULSE Award at the All Staff Meeting on August 3!


Nominee: Christie Hawkins, Human Resources Representative (Location: Asheboro)

“Christie Hawkins exemplifies our core values of Grow, Inspire, Value, and Empower and most definitely GIVEs with Heart! Christie is often the first encounter many of our newly hired employees have when joining our Hospice of the Piedmont team. She makes them feel welcome and included while also managing to get all of those first-day tasks accomplished. She’s always so kind and accommodating to everyone and embodies excellent customer service. Christie always has a smile and encouraging words for anyone she meets.

One particular project that Christie went above and beyond for is managing the switch of our Office of Inspector General (OIG) vendors. Monthly, Hospice of the Piedmont uses a third-party vendor to check the OIG status of every provider that is affiliated with our organization, an extremely important compliance consideration, but one that typically happens in the background without most of our team knowing about it. Christie has managed this process for many years. Earlier this year, we received notice that our vendor was going out of business and we had to find another one. We secured another vendor and began the process of implementation. Christie was granted access to the site and without hesitation, took the lead and began the implementation process. She single-handedly uploaded all of the necessary information, learned the functionality of the vendor’s website, and seamlessly continued the monthly OIG checks to keep our organization compliant. Her leadership on this project is inspirational.

Consistently, when things are stressful, as they often are, Christie remains positive and optimistic. It is a joy to work with Christie and see how her positivity impacts so many in our organization. She deserves the PULSE award because she is an incredible example to us all for promoting a positive and welcoming atmosphere.”