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PULSE Award Winners

June 30, 2022, by Jessica Crisp

The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers. Congratulations to Anita Coady (announced on May 25) and Summer Walters (announced on June 29)!


Nominee: Anita Coady, Nurse Practitioner (Location: High Point)

“Anita knows each of her patients well, and recalls each of their individual conditions and medications to my amazement! She recalls from memory, every medication change made when this RN can not recall the intricacies from week to week without referring to notes. She has an excellent rapport with pts, their families, and RNCM. She does extensive research on each of her pts and any obscure or additional pertinent conditions they may have on her own time. She then takes the time to educate the RNCM on these conditions, and provides clear and gentle education to families. She is often able to explain situations and needs to pts and families when the nurse has trouble being heard. Many pts say they “just fell in love with her” because she is so kind and gentle, and they quickly develop a deep trust in her judgement. She has a broad view of pt care, and offers suggestions to integrate all disciplines in order to include and provide all the care we have available, and at times reaches out to advocate for new areas in which we may provide comfort and support to pts and their families. She has a calm, comforting presence with pts and nurses as well. She is very loving and patient in listening to nurses, bolstering and boosting their confidence with managing pt decline and family dynamics. She always returns calls promptly, and is open to deep discussion about pts at the nurses request, often reaching out proactively. Many times nurses have a long day and do not enter med refills until late in the day, at times after hours, and Anita always signs off as soon as we make her aware, and is happy to do so despite the time of day. Anita is a precious and valued member of our team and deserves recognition.”


Nominee: Summer Walters, RN Case Manager (Location: Asheboro)

“Summer Walters is an outstanding nurse! She has that soft and soothing voice that can calm the most upset patient or family member. She is wonderful at answering calls and always answers except when she is with a patient. If a call is missed and a voicemail is not left for her, she calls the office to find out what the call was about. She is dedicated and thorough.”


Have you notice a co-worker demonstrating PULSE characteristics? If so, click here and nominate them!

PULSE Award Guidelines:

  • The nominee should be an active employee for at least 6-months.
  • The nomination may be made by an employee’s peers, or by a written statement from a patient, family, or other members of our community.
  • The nominee can be nominated more than once in a calendar year (January-December) but nominees are eligible for only one award per calendar year.