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September PULSE Award Recipients

October 6, 2020, by Jessica Crisp

At the All Staff Meeting on Wednesday, September 30, two team members received a PULSE Award.  The PULSE – Performing Unlimited Lasting Services with Excellence – award recognizes, celebrates and encourages our co-workers.  Congratulations to Nancy Bindhammer, RN Case Manager (High Point branch), and Beth Strider, Business Development Associate (Randolph branch), for their dedicated service to our agency!  Below are the sentiments shared with the nominations.
“Nancy is extremely reliable. She is organized and first in line to step up to the plate. She is always wanting the best for her patients. She has not only gone far and above for her “A” team, LTC…being the first to go in to see COVID patients, never complaining, but also claiming patient’s on the “B” team. She goes to the huddles, both A and B team IDT meetings, goes to the various patient’s homes whether it be in the nursing home setting or the home setting. She is very knowledgeable and will find the answers if not known. Nancy is more than willing to support the providers virtually making it possible to make close connections with her patients. She is a shining star among our organization!”
“Beth does an excellent job working with the doctors in our area. The offices that have orders delivered to them rely on her to bring unsigned orders in a timely manner and expect her to pick them back up when they call to say they are completed. I rely on her to help make sure the orders are returned in a specific time window that helps us bill on time and receive our Medicare funding quickly. This all in turn allows the employees to be paid regularly and keeps a positive money flow at the bank. Beth has done such a great job not only during the pandemic but while also caring for a very sick husband as he fights a battle with cancer. Such a trooper!! Always smiling!!”