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The E-Series Launches New Installment

November 12, 2021, by Jessica Crisp

In this installment of The E-Series, join our CEO Trent Cockerham as he sits down with caregiving advocates to discuss the state of caregiving in our community. Each podcast episode will guide the listener deeper in conversations to understand better what caregivers are facing, explore caregiver needs and create lasting solutions.

Conversations in this Series:

  • The State of Caregiving

AARP estimates that there are currently 53 million, unpaid caregivers in the United States, equaling roughly 1 in 5 individuals.  Join Trent as he talks with Mark Hensley, Associate State Director for Community Outreach and Advocacy Triad Region with AARP North Carolina. Together, they launch this series with a discussion about the impact and strain of caregiving and the benefits of being an educated and informed caregiver.

Click here to listen to this episode.

  • The Face of Caregiving

Tune in as Trent speaks with Ursula Robinson, Executive Director of PACE of the Triad, to discuss the similarities and differences between professional caregiving and personal caregiving. Their conversation will dive deeper into the perspective shift that caregivers experience, the institutional challenges they face and strategies for self-care during caregiving.

  • The Value of Caregiving

Listen in as Trent and Cher Limpach, Hospice of the Piedmont Volunteer and someone who has had personal experience with caregiving, explore the meaningful role of caregiving, the challenge of balancing caregiver and care recipient needs, and why a societal shift toward increasing support for caregivers is necessary.

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