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Interprofessional Practice Council

September 30, 2022, by Kelly Olmeda

The Interprofessional Practice Council (IPC) gives Hospice of the Piedmont employees a voice in decisions that affect them and their jobs. The IPC consists of 9 employee representatives from various departments and disciplines who are committed to the IPC’s core values of Ownership, Accountability, Equity, and Empowerment.
Your ideas, suggestions, and concerns will be carefully considered and the IPC will work to create practical solutions that support Hospice of the Piedmont’s efforts to provide meaningful, high-quality care to the patients and families who need us.

Submit your referral to the Interprofessional Practice Council for review:

(Disclaimer: The IPC will follow strict confidentiality guidelines and will not share the identity of the referral source without permission. While it is acceptable to submit a referral anonymously, please note that anonymous referrals will be difficult to follow up on or explore and the IPC may not be able to reach a resolution without this information.)
Which area(s) of the organization does this issue impact?
Your 2022-2023 Interprofessional Practice Council Members:

Cindy Drenan, RN – HHHP

Susanne Garner, CNA – HHHP

Carla Higgins, Medical Records – Administrative Services

Jennifer Hogan, RN – RHH

Renee Hurley, CNA – Asheboro Home Care

Cheri Kennedy, RN – Referrals & Admissions

Misty Mize, MSW – Family Care Services

Paige Potts, RN – High Point Home Care

Lannette White, RN – Asheboro Home Care

Facilitator: Kelly Olmeda, BSW