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Ryan Biagini

Director, Community Engagement and Education

Community Engagement and Education

High Point

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 336-878-7226

Fun Facts:

  • I live in Winston-Salem. I have been married to Katy, my college sweetheart, since April 2009. We adopted our daughter, Norah, in January 2016 and have another little girl on the way, due in May 2021. Our oldest, Schrute, is our 13-year-old cocker-dachshund.
  • I enjoy traveling but never seem to do enough of it. I like concerts, woodworking, and going on hikes. I am a far better eater of food than I am a cooker of it. I really enjoy being outdoors, drinking coffee and making small talk with strangers.
  • Favorite Sweet Treat: Butterfingers
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Capri, Italy
  • Most people would be surprised to know that if I'm alone in an elevator, I am more than likely singing...great acoustics in there!
Ryan Biagini