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Inpatient Hospice

The goal of hospice care is to make the patient feel more comfortable, more at peace, and more in control.

While the majority of hospice care is provided in private homes and long-term care facilities, there are times when the patient may benefit from more intensive medical management of symptoms or even a brief period of respite for their caregiver.

In these situations, Hospice Home at High Point or Randolph Hospice House are excellent solutions.

General Inpatient Care

General inpatient care is appropriate for patients who require frequent skilled nursing interventions for the management of symptoms and/or continuous monitoring. General inpatient care is also available if a caregiver is unable to care for the patient at home. Once the symptom is well-managed, the patient may return home or be eligible for residential care.

Medicare and Medicaid cover general inpatient care for eligible patients and many private insurance companies will cover some portion of care.

Residential or Transitional Care

Residential or transitional care is appropriate for more medically stable patients who have a prognosis of weeks or less, require more assistance than is available in their home setting or have a home environment not conducive to their care needs. This level of care is generally for patients expecting to move to another care setting, like a nursing home, assisted living facility or even their own private home.

Medicare and Medicaid only cover the medical care portion of residential care. At the residential level of care, patients are assessed a daily charge for room and board.

Thanks to the generosity of our donor community, patients may apply for a care subsidy which will fund all or a portion of room and board charges. Many commercial insurance plans will cover at least some of the charges for each level of care. Our referral team can assist each patient and family in determining available coverage and eligibility for our care subsidies.

Inpatient hospice care involves an interdisciplinary team of highly trained professionals who work together with the patient and family to develop a plan of care.

Care teams typically include:

Our referral team is available to assist families and their current care providers in evaluating care alternatives. Patients referred to Hospice Home at High Point will be served based on the immediacy of their needs and condition, rather than their place on the referral list.

Please call 336.889.8446 to speak to a referral team member.

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